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Diesel Truck Exhaust Smoke

Then hold your hand up close to your face. If there is smoke coming from the exhaust it could indicate a more serious problem with the engine.

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Diesel truck engines come in domestic and commercial grades and they run on a thick oily fuel that has an ignition temperature of about 540 degrees fahrenheit.

Diesel truck exhaust smoke. Analyzing the color and smell of diesel exhaust emissions can tell you the performance and component conditions of the engine. But mostly it is the incorrect injector timing in the cylinders. Raw diesel comes through the exhaust completely unburned 2.

White black and blue. Any diesel engines built after 2008 that have exhaust treatment systems such as a dpf doc or scr should never blow smoke while the vehicle is running. What causes white smoke from a diesel.

If you are having a diesel white smoke may be unburned fuel or coolant going through the engine. White smoke from exhaust diesel and petrol engine may be the signal of different car problems. The temperature in the combustion chamber is too low.

This work should only be carried out by a professional mechanic only. This is the complete guide to blue smoke from a diesel. What is wrong really depends on the type of white smoke you have.

Don t restrict the exhaust just attempt to coat your fingers with the smoke. When this oil is burnt it will come out of the exhaust as blue smoke. Identify problems with diesel truck exhaust smoke.

White smoke occurs for one of three reasons 1. The most frequent times to get black smoke from a diesel exhaust are the the first moment the engine is switched on especially from cold and when hard acceleration is suddenly called for. Diesel engines can emit blue.

Blue smoke only occurs for one reason excess lubricating oil within the engine cylinders during combustion. If you smell a strong diesel odor the white smoke means the extra fuel is in such excess that it can t even begin to ignite as compared to black smoke where partial ignition has occurred. What is the difference between white smoke from exhaust diesel engine and petrol engine.

Consequently a proper running diesel engine should produce no visible smoke from the exhaust. One common symptom of diesel truck issues is abnormal color of exhaust smoke. This video should only be used as guidance and not as an absolute guide.

Why would a diesel have blue smoke. Black blue and white smoke colors in particular are usually a sign that something needs attention. While it does not replace the advice of a mechanic use this guide to understand what each of these exhaust colors might mean.

Now let s look at three scenarios. Water entering combustion chamber. Diesel engine smoke comes in three colors.

Those built before 2008 that do not have such a system should have very little or no smoke at all. This article will help diagnose the underlying causes of diesel engine smoke.

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